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Jade Selfcare Trio Gua Sha Set

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Boosts skin giving it a more youthful look by aiding in enhancing the effectiveness of skincare products. The Selfcare Gua Sha Set promotes circulation and lymphatic drainage, diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, and revives skin elasticity. 
Naturally enhanced healing crystals, this set comes with a Jade Roller, Gua Sha Tool Set, and Application Brush. 


Self Care isn’t complete without these stones. Considered the “Stones of Heaven,” natural jade has been used for centuries in ancient beauty rituals. We decided to launch this to bring the spa to you. This is apart of our facial routine at our spa. The cooling jade stone tools was designed to massage, tone, sculpt, stimulate, soothe and promote a healthy-looking, glowing and glassy complexion. Helping with inflammation and restoration. 

It’s an amazing gift set to those who enjoy luxurious at-home facials.

And of course, our products are free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oil and synthetic fragrance and colors.


How To Use

Jade Facial Roller: stimulating massage idea for circulation, it prepares skin for the absorption of facial serums, and facial oils.

How to use: After cleansing, gently roll in an upward motion over face and neck for 5-7 minutes. Should be used on clean skin or after applying our skin care products. Use the smaller roller on the eye area and temples.

Jade Gua Sha: Practiced by traditional Chinses medicine for thousands of years, the gua sha works to improve blood circulation, reduce puffiness of the skin, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Gives a great deep tissue massage and sculpting tool helps to relieve facial and jaw tension, promotes circulation and supports a radiant complexion.

How to use: Press longer edge against skin and drag in an upward motion, eyebrows to the hairline and from the crease of the nose to the ear. On the chin, press the end of the tool with the two curves and drag upward towards the ear. There are so many ways to use these tools! We will make sure you guys learn with us, for those who don’t know.



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